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Bridging the Minch

IN ANOTHER LAND • 9 Geoff Stear

Selected Artwork for Sale

Stephan-Maria Aust
Margaret Uttley
David Knight
Geoff Stear
Giles Perring
Andy Laffan

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Uig Open (Winter Show)

Uig Open 2020 - Monochromatic

70 artworks from 60 artists. Exploring Western Isles' connections from the local to the global.

Awards go to Alice Macmillan, Fraser Macbeath and Sarah Bold.

7th December 2021 to 28th February 2022.





Invited Artist Group Show

Stephan-Maria Aust
Margaret Uttley
David Knight
Màiri NicGillìosa
Geoff Stear

Curated by Hulabhaig

Presented at Baile na Cille church 14th August to 31st August 2021 and now online.

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Coming On

EXPOSURE is a collaboration between musician, sound artist and photographer Giles Perring and filmmaker and painter Andy Metcalf, carried out, principally, on the Isle of Jura.

Through painting, photography, sound installation and film, this work explores the brute nature of landscape, the vulnerability of human expression and the critical importance of sociality in shaping our creations.

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7th January 2021.

Curating my Bedroom.

Work from home, if at all possible. They said!

Curating my Bedroom

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Various Artist
Kirsty Harris
Jeremy Hutchison
Paulo Mankini
Stephen Sheehan

Online Only, Email: andy@hulabhaig.com

Curating my Bedroom.
(Work from home, if at all possible. They said!)

Conceptual art from artists across the UK. Curator Andy laffan is pleased to bring together some personal works for a personal space. "This collection represents my own interest in conceptual art, often misunderstood, sometimes incomprehensible, odd and rarely explained by the artists involved".


1st August to 31 August 2020.

Lockdown Escapism

A Cold Alter

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Margaret Uttley
David Knight
Andy Laffan
Marianne Broch

Image: A Cold Alter by Margaret Uttley and Core by Marianne Broch

Email booking: andy@hulabhaig.com

Four artists seeking escapism through abstraction from very strange times indeed.
Now including 'Core' by guest sculptor Marianne Broch.

Baile na Cille Church, Timsgarry, Uig, Isle of Lewis, HS2 9JJ
By pre-booking a visit only.

Lockdown Escapism

Book an exclusive viewing (One ticket is for up to six friends or family) to see paintings, sculpture and drawings from local artists Margaret Uttley, David Knight, Andy Laffan and guest sculptor Marianne Broch.

A Message from the Curator

As we are now slowly emerging from lockdown and travel distancing are being eased, I'd like to invite you to book a private viewing at Baile na Cille.
You are welcome to come alone, with your partner, and family members or friends. But, the total group size must be no more than six people. Appointments are scheduled to last upto 1 hour, so that you and your party can enjoy the artwork on display safely and at your leisure.
There will be at least one artist on hand to answer any questions you may have.
If for any reason, you need to cancel your booking, do let us know so we can offer your slot to another visitor.

Kind Regards
Curator and Sculptor

What's on Display?

Abstract work by David Knight.
Whilst his paintings and drawings are essentially abstract in nature there has always been a sense of the landscape underpinning the content and subject matter. Over recent years his paintings have been heavily influenced by visiting the Isle of Lewis, where he now lives and works.

Drawings by Margaret Uttley.
70% of the worlds upland peat moors are in the UK. Since the early 1900’s, these unique and valuable habitats have been suffering from farmland demands, overgrazing, moor gripping (drainage) fertilising and industrial pollution. Restoration and conservation will ensure they continue to provide essential ecosystems services, such as clean drinking water, carbon sinks to help combat climate change, prevent lower level flooding in towns and villages, and provide homes for nature. Margaret's work explores the peat uplands and its importance to the environment and local communities and has become an underlying purpose to her work.

Sculpture by Andy Laffan.
A collection of abstract and figurative works carved from local lewisian gneiss, exploring geology, biology and technology.

Core by Marianne Broch.

Social Distancing Details

Of course, the safety of our visitors and artists remains our highest priority so please arrive promptly for your appointment and wait in the carpark where you will be greeted by the curator or one of the artists.
It is important that you arrive on time so as to avoid clashing with those already in or in the process of leaving the gallery.
Once inside, you will be free to enjoy looking around the gallery at your leisure. A member of staff will be on hand should you need assistance, but largely you'll be able to browse in your own time.

Extra Measures

We will be providing hand-sanitiser in the entrance to the gallery, but please also consider using your own hand santiser on arrival.
We may also ask you to provide contact details if you have not already provided details via the booking system.
Please note that the building is at an early stage of renovation and we ask that you be aware of its condition and tread carefully when exploring the upper galleries.
There are no toilet or washroom facilities.
To reduce the risk of transmission we ask that you do not touch any of the sculptures or artworks on display, unless you are considering making a purchase.
Please let us know if you have touched the artwork when you depart so that we can prepare it for the next visitors.
To give us time to deep clean between appointments, we are limiting each visit to 60 minutes so we would appreciate your understanding when your allocated time is up.
And of course while we are asking visitors to arrive and leave on time you are of course welcome to leave any time before the end of your allocated time slot.
Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to welcoming you to Baile na Cille Church art gallery.

Re-imagined Online.

Uig Open 2020

Baile na Cille

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Hulabhaig is pleased to show work from artists across the globe in this first (now online) Uig summer art exhibition.

Originally planned as a selected show at Baile na Cille in Uig, unfortunately cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we have re-opened 'The Open' to all artists who have an interest or connection with the Outer Hebrides.

There are two prizes available for artists: The curator's purchase prize and the public choice prize (a cash prize of £1300).

Hulabhaig is now looking to technology to find alternate ways for artists to maintain a visual gallery presence, where the general public can continue to connect with the visual arts in these difficult times.


A Work in Progress

Contemporary Art at Baile na Cille.

Andrea Ingram : Geoff Stear : Stephan-Maria Aust : Andy Laffan

Baile na Cille

17th December to January 31st 2020.

The title 'A Work in Progress' alludes to current activity at the church in Uig. Since its sale by the Church of Scotland in 2010, its future has been uncertain. Now in collaboration with owners Brian and Miranda Gayton, Hulabhaig are delighted to be able to explore its potential as an art gallery. This first exhibition brings together a collection of work by contemporary artists across the Isles of Lewis and Harris and includes photography, painting and sculpture.

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The Beasts of Holm

Mhairi Law : Gill Thompson : Margarita Williams
Geoff Stear : Irene Blair : Andy Laffan

The Beasts of Holm

A Cloud Exhibition of New Work from Six Hebridean Artists Inspired by The Iolaire Tragedy of 1919.

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Of Sea & Land

Geoff Stear

Of Sea & Land

Hulabhaig was delighted to present a new collection of large abstract artworks on canvas and a selection of smaller scale artworks on paper from renown Isle of Harris artist Geoff Stear.

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Cloud Exhibitions

Curated by Hulabhaig.

In 2018, Hulabhaig started experimenting with producing 'Cloud Exhibitions' as a method of curating online solo and group shows of work from island based artists. Back then everything was 'virtual' and now we have a wonderful empty church (Baile-na-Cille) to work with.

The 'Cloud Exhibitions' will continue and we will use them to document the artwork we show at Baile-na-Cille and reach out to our growing global audience.

Our previous online shows are currently being converted and reformatted to suit our new website. When they are ready we will provide the links on this page.