Hulabhaig at Baile-na-Cille

Pleased to announce that Hulabhaig will be curating artwork at Baile-na-Cille, Timsgarry, Isle of Lewis.


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Hulabhaig is a new curatorial project exploring what an island based art gallery is, can be or could be in the future, connecting with artists and reaching out to an ever increasing global audience via the power of social media, e-marketing and the world wide web.

Dedicated to promoting and showcasing work from artists living and working in the Outer Hebrides.


Cornerstone 1

We are now helping to develop and curate a new gallery space at Baile-na-Cille church in Timsgarry, Uig, Isle of Lewis and will be curating and displaying a variety of sculpture and contemporary art.

Our purpose is to inspire island based artists to produce new and experimental work and to provide a platform to showcase work and ideas. By establishing an online presence and social media following we will be expanding our audience globally.


Cornerstone 1

We also hope to provide a new visual arts experience for the islands, encouraging locals, artists and tourists to visit Uig and enjoy it's beautiful surroundings, a place where people can experience wide open spaces and thought provoking art for free.