13th Jun 2020 to 18th Jul 2020.

Re-imagined Online.

Uig Open 2020

Deadline: 11 May 2020 Midnight.

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Baile na Cille

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Hulabhaig is pleased to invite artists to submit new or recent work in any medium for inclusion to the first (now online) Uig summer art exhibition.

Originally planned as a selected show at Baile na Cille in Uig, unfortunately cancelled due to planning issues and now with an uncertain future for public shows at galleries across Scotland and the rest of the world, we have re-opened 'The Open' to all artists who have an interest or connection with the Outer Hebrides.

The deadline remains the same and it is free to enter your first artwork, or you can pay for additional entries to help support Hulabhaig with its efforts to open Baile na Cille as a permanent art gallery and bring free art exhibitions to Uig in the Isle of Lewis.

Hulabhaig is now looking to technology to find alternate ways for artists to maintain a visual gallery presence, where the general public can continue to connect with the visual arts in these difficult times.

First entry is free or you can pay for more to help support future exhibitions from Hulabhaig.

Click Here to submit your work online and help build the Uig Open 2020.

18th Apr to 16th May 2020.

Pending discussions with local council.

Wildly Beautiful

New work from the Outer Hebrides

Beka Globe
Màiri NicGillìosa
David Knight

Baile na Cille

Open Day: Saturday 18th April 2020,
12am to 5pm.

Open by Appointment: 20th April 2020 to 16th May 2020.

Three artists exploring the natural beauty of the Outer Hebrides in their own unique ways.

Baile na Cille, Timsgarry, Uig, Isle of Lewis, HS2 9JJ

15th Aug to 19th Sept 2020.

Pending discussions with local council.


Invited Artist Group Show

Margaret Uttley
Nickolai Globe
Marianne Broch

Baile na Cille

Open Day: Saturday 15th August 2020,
12am to 5pm.

Open by Appointment: 17th August 2020 to 19th September 2020.

We are pleased to be able to bring together 3 outstanding 2d and 3d visual artists from the Isles of Harris and Lewis and Norway.

Baile na Cille, Timsgarry, Uig, Isle of Lewis, HS2 9JJ


A Work in Progress

Contemporary Art at Baile na Cille.

Andrea Ingram : Geoff Stear : Stephan-Maria Aust : Andy Laffan

Baile na Cille

17th December to January 31st 2020.

The title 'A Work in Progress' alludes to current activity at the church in Uig. Since its sale by the Church of Scotland in 2010, its future has been uncertain. Now in collaboration with owners Brian and Miranda Gayton, Hulabhaig are delighted to be able to explore its potential as an art gallery. This first exhibition brings together a collection of work by contemporary artists across the Isles of Lewis and Harris and includes photography, painting and sculpture.

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The Beasts of Holm

Mhairi Law : Gill Thompson : Margarita Williams
Geoff Stear : Irene Blair : Andy Laffan

The Beasts of Holm

A Cloud Exhibition of New Work from Six Hebridean Artists Inspired by The Iolaire Tragedy of 1919.

Of Sea & Land

Geoff Stear

Of Sea & Land

Hulabhaig was delighted to present a new collection of large abstract artworks on canvas and a selection of smaller scale artworks on paper from renown Isle of Harris artist Geoff Stear.


Cloud Exhibitions

Curated by Hulabhaig.

In 2018, Hulabhaig started experimenting with producing 'Cloud Exhibitions' as a method of curating online solo and group shows of work from island based artists. Back then everything was 'virtual' and now we have a wonderful empty church (Baile-na-Cille) to work with.

The 'Cloud Exhibitions' will continue and we will use them to document the artwork we show at Baile-na-Cille and reach out to our growing global audience.

Our previous online shows are currently being converted and reformatted to suit our new website. When they are ready we will provide the links on this page.